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What Are The Different Types Of Printing for your Reno business?

Many years ago, a Letterpress was the most common printing device. However, several decades later, new printing equipment was invented, such as screen printing tools and digital printing machines.


A Letterpress is a machine that stamps ink onto paper. Since this printing process was time-consuming, big stamps that printed full pages were invented to improve efficiency. Today, Letterpress machines are no longer used because the procedures are not cost-effective.

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is the oldest and most common printing method. At the beginning of the process, a metal plate is placed on a table. Then, a light is used to burn an image on the plate; over time, the heat will reveal specific areas of the design. Next, the plate is secured in a cylinder, which rotates around a press. While spinning, the cylinder captures any water that flies away from the non-printed area. Later, the image is transferred after it is placed over a rubber sheet.


Flexography is a process that helps businesses print labels. Many soda bottle labels and cellophane labels are made with flexography equipment.

Flexography machinery also uses a stamp; however, the stamp has an etched surface, which holds more ink. Because the grooves on the stamp are not big, workers can print images on stickers, tissues, plastics, and cardboard effortlessly.


Many established magazine companies use gravure printing methods at production facilities. Gravure printing machines and flexography machines have similar functions, but gravure printing equipment operates without a plate.

Screen Printing

Screen printing techniques are used at many clothing companies and plastic manufacturing plants. Nylon material is stretched over a frame and secured in place during this printing method. Then, a stencil is placed on the screen to keep ink away from the non-printing zones.

During the printing process, ink is poured inside of a wooden frame. Next, the ink is guided across the stencil carefully with a flexible squeegee. After pressure is applied to the screen, the ink moves through the stencil and onto the fabric.

Digital Printing

Laser printers, inkjet printers, and magnetic printers are common digital printing tools.

An inkjet printer uses an ink cartridge, which sprays ink onto paper when the printer begins to print. At the end of the process, the paper has multiple dots, which are extremely small. Together, all of the dots create a highly detailed image.

A laser printer uses a laser to produce multiple colors on paper. When the light moves through the fuser, the toner is melted on the paper.

Magnetic printers and laser printers have similar functions. However, magnetic printing devices use magnetic charges instead of electric charges.

Besides these methods, there are many other ways to print ink onto different fabrics and materials. Wooden block printing, engraving, and thermography are great alternative options that are worth considering.

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