Business Cards

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Do you have a new business? Are you looking for business card printing in Reno, NV? We have the printers ready to print your business cards. The best cards are those that represent your business accurately and professionally. You’ll also want to make sure that you promote the benefits to your customers so they know why they should do business with you.

What Are the Elements of a Great Business Card?

Your business card is a brief expression of what you need to say about your business in passing. This card must not only grab the viewer’s attention but also leave a long-lasting memory in his or her head so that this person feels compelled to pick it up again at a later date for services. A great business card has five crucial elements aside from the call to action that make it a great business card:

A Spectacular Design

Millions of people have business cards. That doesn’t mean that they’re effective business cards. A great card is one that has an eye-catching design that holds enough power to draw the reader into it. A prospective client may use a bland business card as a bookmark and never really look at it again. Therefore, you and the printing company have to work together to give your cards some kick. Three-dimensional imaging, bright colors or personalized photo backgrounds are some ideas that can add to the card’s uniqueness.

A Catchphrase

A catch phrase or slogan is a clever sentence or partial sentence that is unique to your business and brings people into it. An example of a popular catch phrase is “Betcha can’t eat just one.” It implies that the product is deliciously addicting. Your business card should imply that your prospective client cannot live without your service.

A Memorable Logo

The logo is another part of the business card that you should pay close attention to. Logos are images that belong to your business alone. They should be creative and artistic enough to burn themselves into the onlooker’s mind. Top selling companies all have great logos. Therefore, you should have a great logo on your great business card.

A Brief Explanation

An effective business card needs to explain what it is that you do in as few words as possible. It may be challenging to fit your explanation into such a small area, but that’s what creativity is all about. You can go for a broad explanation like “lawyer” or “salesperson,” or you could use a deeper explanation such as “personal injury lawyer” or “mobile phone sales associate.” These examples explain the type of products that you sell and the type of services that you offer. You can add an appealing spin to the explanation too if you want to increase the card’s effectiveness. For example, “99.9 percent settlement winning personal injury attorney” or “award-winning mobile phone sales associate” implies that you are competent in your field and not just there.

A Benefit or Advantage

Finally, your card needs to express an advantage of using your services over someone else’s. Your benefit will be the reason that prospects will pick up your card again. Examples of words that express the benefit of using your products and services are life changing, results driving, goal grabbing, top-level, superior and so on.

You have a great business card if it contains all of the above-stated elements. You can feel confident in taking your ideas to the printing company and printing hundreds of these business cards for your prospective employees.